Get involved!


I’m always on the look out for talented folk to help out with projects, whether it be DESIGNERS, ANIMATORS, ACTORS or ARTISTS… if you can help make any one of Painted Life’s films ‘unique’ in some way, then i’d love to hear from you! Try and get your skills noticed… and get you paid as well!



Come and help out on set! Its always nice to have an extra pair of hands on a shoot, and you can get a real bit of insight into the way we make video’s at Painted Life.



Music is INTEGRAL to a good film, if you enjoy making sounds that move people, come and help us make some original music for our films!



Whether you’ve got a great idea for a film, a concept for a music video, or even a script you’ve been working on but need a bit of help with, swing it by me! I’d love to hear it 🙂


cheers! Aaron.