Web Orchard Stop Motion

Back in January the team at Shrewsbury based Information Solutions Limited started thinking about how to grow their web company, The Web Orchard. With over seven years of experience in building websites the company knew they were doing something right, but wanted a new way to spotlight their services and philosophy.

The use of short videos on websites has exploded in recent years, and have become a powerful way to engage with visitors. The Web Orchard wanted a video that could not only be used their own website, but as part of advertising on other sites; such as LoveShrewsbury.com.

After a chance meeting in the Shrewsbury Coffee House between Information Solutions Director Pete White and Aaron Child from Painted Life Productions, a meeting was setup to brainstorm ideas.

The Web Orchard were keen to keep their green, organic brand that had worked well for them on the website and in print. A number of concepts flourished, until the idea of a camera panning around a tree, with vines interacting with a laptop was formed as a way to bridge the gap between technical and organic.

The concept was developed further by introducing stop motion, a technique involving taking thousands of single frame shots, and combining together to form a realistic animation; the same method used in the production of films such as Wallace and Gromit.

With the storyboard for the video taking shape, Aaron and his team hand-built the set; including a custom turntable, and a tree trunk formed from real tree bark. They started the task of filming the tree and the vines, the 60 second video took over twelve hours to film. Each frame needed carefully setting and checking against the previous to ensure continuity.

Once filming was complete, it was over to the CGI animator to insert the background and setup the tracking required to overlay text and The Web Orchard logo on to the laptop screen. A custom soundtrack was produced, and final edits were made to allow the video to be used as both an advert, and as a website introduction.

Aaron from Painted Life Productions commented, “The success to this production was down to the intricate planning and precise implementation. The unique challenge introduced some interesting problems to overcome, however I felt the end result surpassed expectations.”

Pete from The Web Orchard added, “We’re thrilled with the video Aaron has created, we feel it really sets the scene for the philosophy of our web company.”