DIY in Oswestry

Project Overview

Oswestry BID commissioned this film to showcase the businesses on the Industrial Estate in the town. We shot this just before lockdown and on the day of intended release, we had to do a 180 and hold off as lockdown had been enforced! Thankfully we were able to tweak the film and release it just as restrictions were easing for stores. 

Kind Words From The Client

“Aaron is a dream to work with and we don’t say that lightly! We have ideas for our client’s films and he evolves and turns them into visual stories that really capture the moment and concepts we were aiming for.”

– Nick Watts, Creative Director Depict Creative


Drop us a line and we can discuss your ideas to create the perfect video to promote your businesses product or service.

Please note, we will be embarking on our Tallulah's View project as of August 2020. This means we will only be in Shropshire intermittently to take on work.