Live Projects

We are currently running two live projects outside of our normal working schedule. These are Talullah’s View and Taste’s Like. These self initiated projects are designed to reflect how creativity through video can benefit business and life in general.

Tastes Like was born out of a love for Independent coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

We love filming them, we love visiting them and we love the response the films receive online! The concept for the project is simple: Instead of basing your decision on where to dine and drink from biased reviews and hearsay – you experience the full feel of a place through a vibrant video!

In 1 minute you can see the layout of the place, the ambience, the type of food and drink and all the little details that make the place special. We’ve started our collection of Tastes Like films in Shropshire, however, we are excited to showcase Independent businesses across the UK and abroad. You can browse through our growing catalogue and decide exactly which place is right for you! If you have an independent food and drink business and want to showcase it to the world – get in touch!

Sometimes money can just get in the way of a great opportunity…

As of September 2020 Aaron and Alana are packing all of their lives into a van and heading out on the road to live life a little differently.

Living minimally, travelling and finding new creative projects that inspire us. Tallulah’s View is our way of showcasing our journey. We offer bespoke, creative films to: independent businesses, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, air-b-n-b owners and creatives. We know that not all businesses are in a position to spend money on a new video. With Tallulah’s View, we are totally open to trading our skills for yours! A film for 3 nights stay at your Air-b-n-b? Yes please!!

You’ll be able to follow our journey here: